COVID 19 hurt us!

Due to COVID 19 we decided to stop the company


Strongbrew training room

Cozy atmosphere

We have created a cozy training office, which contains 9 high quality seats and a cinema experience. This cozy and relaxing atmosphere allows people to enjoy the training in great luxury. There is of course breakfast/lunch and delicious Nespresso coffee for the attendees.

Small groups

We love to maintain the quality and for that reason we take groups between 3 and 9 people. By keeping the groups small we can go for a more hands on approach and answer more questions. It's also a great way to socialize with the other attendees and mentors.

How do I attend

If you are interested in following a workshop in our office, please feel free to reach out. We can discuss dates together with you and if needed listen for other interested people. There is a minimum of 3 attendees for every training and a maximum of 9. Discounts for groups can be discussed.

The address of the training office is Provinciebaan 120, 9270 Laarne