Angular Consultancy

Having issues with your project?

We are glad to help out. We have a lot of experience in leading large angular projects and tackling real-life issues. We are used to coaching teams in best practices and architectural decisions. With only a few days of work, we might be able to make a big difference in the foundations of your project.

Tired of doing time consuming research?

We have done a lot of research in creating large scale applications and discovering best practices. We are happy to save your company the time and the money.

Need an Angular code-review?

To hard to get us on premise? We can even do remote code-reviews. First of all, we would have a little chat of what you expect from us and when we get access to the git repository we will create a document with comments and ideas.

When the review is finished we can schedule a skype call to discuss the document and answer to possible questions.

If you need more information you can contact us here