Angular Code-reviews

Do you need an extra opinion? Are you still on the right track?

StrongBrew is specialized in doing Angular code-reviews. In a limited amount of time we can analyse your project and point out issues and bad practices. We can combine code-reviews with problem solving or coaching as well.

Angular code-review on-site

Do you need confirmation, a second pair of eyes, or just someone to reason with on site? We love to come to your office and help you out. In only one day, we can already achieve a lot! We have professional experience in Angular since it was in its beta stages, and we have been using it on numerous projects ever since. So we feel extremely confident it can be an added value to invite us for a day or two.

Angular remote code-reviews

To hard to get us on premise? We can even do remote code-reviews. First of all, we would have a little chat of what you expect from us and when we get access to the git repository we will create a document with comments and ideas.

When the review is finished we can schedule a skype call to discuss the document and answer to possible questions.

If you need more information about Angular codereviews you can contact us here