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Angular architecture patterns

The goal of this course is learning how to architect HUGE enterprise applications in opinionated steps

This course tackles the following subjects:

  • High level architecture
  • Monorepos with nx
  • Route design
  • Component architecture
  • Statemanagement recipes
  • Handling redundancy
  • Angular elements
  • Angular
  • Nx
  • Angular elements
  • Typescript

Is it sometimes hard for you to avoid redundant code and keeping your application DRY? Are you tired of maintaining your packages and keep supporting all kinds of versions? Are you interested in learning a simple 3-step flow that will teach you how to tackle every big application from scratch? Then this is the workshop for you!

This course requires some foreknowledge. The attendee should know the following technologies:

  • Git
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Basic angular