Become an Angular architect Ghent - Belgium

Are you in the mood for a whole day of Angular fun? Do you want te learn best practices from experts and really comprehend how to create huge web applications in Angular? Let's combine that with great food and an awesome city that you can visit before or after the workshop... We have just the thing for you!

This hands-on workshop is a one-day rollercoaster of best practices and tips on how to create largescale webapplications in Angular and how to share code.

Join us at April 26th 2019 in Ghent!

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This course requires some foreknowledge. The attendee should know the following technologies:

  • Git
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Angular basics (knowing how to create a component)
We are proud to partner with: ACA IT-Solutions. The workshop will be held at their offices in Ghent: Voorhavenlaan 31/008 9000 Gent

Topics we will cover

High level architecture

Designing an application on the project-repo-libs level. Learning NX

Route design

Everyone knows routes, but do we design them correctly?

Component architecture

How do we design a clean and predictable component architecture

State management recipes

How do we handle state and do we need state management frameworks

Handling redundancy

How do we tackle redundant code in the different parts of our app

Migrating to Nx and sharing outside of Nx

How can your company migrate to a monorepo, and how do we share code outside of the monorepo and ship that with NPM