Advanced RxJS in Angular workshop Ghent - Belgium

Are you in the mood for a whole day of RxJS and Angular fun? Do you want te learn best practices from experts and really comprehend the wonders of Reactive programming in Angular? Let's combine that with great food and an awesome city that you can visit before or after the workshop... We have just the thing for you!

This hands-on workshop is a one-day rollercoaster of best practices and tips on how to use RxJS in reallife large applications. We will create 2 applications: A giphy application with a bunch of complex asynchronous stuff and a real-time calendar.

Join us at June 15th or June 16th in Ghent!

We know that consultants rather like to keep billable days, that's why we organize the workshop not only on Friday but on Saturday as well.

Early bird ticket price (Tickets are limited): €375 Excl. VAT

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This course requires some foreknowledge. The attendee should know the following technologies:

  • Git
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Angular basics (knowing how to create a component)

RxJS is a technology that has the following advantages:

  • Makes you write less code and cleaner code
  • Readable code
  • Less bugs, because the reactive programming mindset takes care of 90% of the corner cases for us
  • It becomes way easier to write asynchronous code
  • Results in better overall code quality
  • Angular
  • Rxjs
  • Typescript

Topics we will cover

The async Programming challenge

What problems do we face today and how can reactive programming help?

Functional reactive programming

How the concepts of functional and reactive programming can change our lives as developers.

Basic operators and observables

We will learn the basics of operators and observables to get us started

Hot vs cold observables

What is the difference between those 2 and how do they impact our applications?

Higher order observables

Avoid nesting multiple subscribes at all times.

The giphy app

Creating the basics of a giphy application and start using some cool RXJS features.

Thinking reactive

We will learn a simple system to help us think reactive in complex situations.


We will learn how observables share their subscriptions and what operators we can use to manage them.

Debugging streams

How can we make the debugging process of rxjs streams easier?

Error handling

How will streams react to errors and how can we manage them?

Roadmap RxJS

What are pipeable operators and how to make sure we are future proof.

Extra pointers

This chapter contains a bunch of cool brews that can help you with reactive programming