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Pascal Precht Co-founder @thoughtram
Strongbrew offers high-quality training about reactive programming paradigms with a focus on learning and fun. I'm happy I could join one of their workshops to get a better understanding of advanced techniques that otherwise take a long time to learn!

We want to work with you!

StrongBrew does not only stand for the fact that we adore the famous belgian beers, but we also look at our workshops as brews, certain recipes that help us to create awesome web-apps. These brews are mostly centered around best practices.

One brew = one hands-on day + slides + sourcecode + Q&A

What defines us?

We are not only experienced mentors that teach engineers standards and best practices. We also create software for for clients on a daily basis which keeps us sharp. We use our daily experiences in our workshops and we focus on best-practices and real-life issues. Mostly we focus on how to use a technology and why.

Did we mention that we also offer expert-level
Angular Consultancy in Belgium and other countries? So if you want to us to take a look at your project or help you get started on a new project... Don't hesitate to reach out! We also offer Angular code reviews

Strongbrew workshop

Where can you find us?

  •  At conferences
  •  In-house at companies
  •  Self-organised days

We offer Angular consultancy!
Strongbrew workshop


  •  Short hands-on sessions
  •  Free for the community!
  •  At your company if you provide venue/food

The StrongBrew Platform

We have created a platform that our attendees can use to consume the brews in a very pragmatic way at the day of the workshop, but also…

We will give the attendee access to this platform for life!

That way the attendee will have lifetime access to:

  • The slides for all the brews the attendee has enrolled in
  • The exercises of all the brews the attendee has enrolled in
  • The source-code
  • Access to the slack channel where the attendee can ask questions to the StrongBrew founders and members.

Even more! Every time a brew gets updated, the attendees will be able to see the new slides, new exercises and new source-code.

That way the attendees can relive the new and updated versions of the brew anytime they want.

We plan to add more exclusive material on the platform in the future in the form of videos, bonus exercises etc… On top of that the user will receive discount codes for workshops unless he or she has that option disabled.

Some happy clients